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At GAEA.DESIGN we believe in setting classic trends, yet incorporating nature into our concepts, creating unforgettable in the Swiss landscape, combining luxury with conscious enjoyment and breathtaking views and experiences. And at this chic Swiss Alps elopement at Villa Honegg, we were happy to disprove the myth that minimalism doesn't equal luxury, while setting a few of our favorite trends for weddings in 2021.

If you choose a simple, minimalist wedding or elopement, it doesn't mean you have to skip on the details. We believe minimalism and luxury design go hand in hand. When you leave out big ticket items like a live band, cocktail hour, over-the-top props and decor, every remaining detail counts. Every design decision stands out so much more, everything from the location to the colors of the table decorations becomes a conscious part of your elopement or wedding day.

To make the experience unforgettable, we decided to include a helicopter in the ceremony. This offers, besides the experience, a panoramic view of the place, the woods, the mountains and the intimate place on the meadow for the loving couple. For this luxurious little ceremony at Villa Honegg we loved to create an intimate oasis of togetherness. The table settings for the couple aimed to embed the colors found in the environment, and at the same time as the flowers, we created textures that contrasted with the view of the valley. We worked with a wide variety of flower types and colors to derive this contrast. This time with fresh Butterfly Anemones, Black tie roses, vetches, classic red roses, some greenery and lots of love!


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We loved designing this modern alpine chic, as the sweeping Swiss mountain landscape is the perfect place to highlight classic with the everlasting to wedding style details.

We know that this year will be quite often a design trend marked with puff sleeves, black and white and tablecloths instead of farm tables. Still, we love the classic and timeless design classics paired and combined with different eye catchers. As timeless as the design, their memories of their wonderful day will always remain.

You can have a intimed and luxurious Elopement in the Swiss mountains, trust us. And if you want to cancel a traditional wedding and elope, make sure you do it exactly the way you want. Take us along for the ride, you won't regret it.


Tamara & Tiziana

Videography: @popp_dop

Event and Floral Design: @gaeadesignevents

Hair & MakeUp: @nadinelegrottaglie


Macarons & Mini Cupcakes: @mmhcakes

Location: @villahonegg

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