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Spectacular Ceremony Arch in the middle of the Swiss Alps and high above Lake Lucerne.

If you are looking for a way to express your uniqueness and the emotions in it, you have come to the right place.

Elegant sophistication in deep harmony with the nature of our beautiful planet earth paired with absolute reliability and flawless execution are our pillars. We're known for over 8 years in designing and producing world-class weddings and events throughout Switzerland and beyond. Transforming your visions into reality and telling your story with deep engagement through thoughtful and exclusive design. You benefit from distinctive concepts, personalized planning, in-house floral and graphic design, all with our professional turnaround. We're the designers and planners for savvy, sophisticated couples who expect the best bespoke service and signature design.


Are you ready for more magical moments?

Wedding & Event Design and Planning; Conception, Detail Plan, Decoration & Styling on Side, Floral Design


We were commissioned by Switzerland Tourism to design a ceremony set in one of the most beautiful areas of Lake Lucerne. We decided to use an everlasting circle, outgrown from nature. In an infinite variety of abundance and color, in full magnificence, brightness and majesty enthroned above the endless expanse of the Swiss mountains and valleys.

Harper's Bazaar is a barometer of the spirit of the times and appeals to people who love unconventional luxury. The fashion magazine offers surprising perspectives on fashion and style, as well as exceptional beauty, lifestyle, art, design, and travel. A perfect match for our creation:

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love, Tamara & Tiziana

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