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Top 5 Questions About Planning a Destination Wedding in Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful and romantic country that offers many stunning locations for destination weddings. From the snow-capped mountains to the crystal-clear lakes, there is no shortage of breathtaking backdrops for your special day. However, planning a destination wedding in a foreign country can be challenging, and couples may have many questions.

Here are the answers to the top 5 questions couples may have about planning a destination wedding in Switzerland:

1. What documents do we need to get legally married in Switzerland?

To get married in Switzerland, couples must first obtain a marriage license from their local civil registry office. The required documents may vary depending on the canton (province) where the marriage will take place, but generally, couples will need to provide proof of identity, proof of citizenship, and proof of marital status. It's important to check with the local authorities to ensure that you have all the necessary documents.

But don't worry - we're here to help you from A to Z!

2. Can we have a symbolic ceremony in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, only civil marriages are legally recognized. However, couples can have a symbolic ceremony in addition to the civil ceremony or can have a symbolic ceremony only.

A symbolic ceremony can be held at a location of your choice, such as a scenic outdoor location or a private venue, and can be performed by a celebrant of your choice. This can be a great option for couples who want to add a personal touch to their wedding and incorporate their own traditions and customs.

3. Can we have our symbolic wedding in a castle in Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to many beautiful castles that can provide a stunning and unique setting for a wedding. Some popular castle venues include Château de Chillon on the shores of Lake Geneva, Schloss Schadau in the Swiss Alps, and Schloss Waldegg in the rolling hills of the Emmental region. These venues can offer a fairytale atmosphere for your wedding.

4. How can I make sure my guests have a smooth travel experience to my wedding in Switzerland?

To help your guests have a smooth travel experience to your destination wedding in Switzerland, you can provide them with detailed information about how to get to the wedding location, including flight and transportation options. You can also assist with booking group travel and accommodations, and provide suggestions for activities and attractions in the area.

If you chose us as your wedding planner we will provide you with all needed information for sharing them with your guests.

5. What is the average cost of a destination wedding in Switzerland?

The average cost of a destination wedding in Switzerland can vary widely depending on factors such as the location, the size of the wedding, and the type of venue and services you choose. Generally, you can expect to spend more on a destination wedding in Switzerland than you would for a local wedding, due to the added costs of travel and accommodations for you and your guests. We suggest budgeting at least 1'000 CHF a head to get your overall budget total.

Contact us for more information about the best venues and locations in Switzerland. Our package "Location Search" may the perfect service you're looking for!

Much love, Tamara & Tiziana

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