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They say on your wedding day, you should feel like the only two people in the world, and there’s wonderful intention behind that, but is it really possible? To completely zero in on your soulmate and block out everything else as you celebrate your love and the phenomenal future to come? YES it is possible, but only at one place: Switzerland. And it’s not surprising that it has its own close-to-2 million-post-strong hashtag #InLOVEwithSWITZERLAND and the even more wedding-specific #SayYESinSwitzerland.

Switzerland is renowned for its sprawling and hypnotic natural beauty, and the best thing about it is the sheer variety of landscapes and landmarks the country offers within such short distances. Imagine it taking place near a lake, with eternal snow-covered Alps as a natural background. How about saying “YES” shoreside, with palm trees and historical villas as your private set up? Or what about cosmopolitan and rustic rooftop nuptials, somewhere above Switzerland’s small, charming boutique towns where nature intersects, impeccably, with city life?

Switzerland is the perfect destination for romantic elopements dosed with a magical aesthetic that can only be found outdoors.


An idyllic setting, the wind is romantically blowing over the majestic mountain peaks and the view falls over the endless lake, silence is around Arielle and Ryne, only the voice of the celebrant in the background resounds. It is a day full of bright sunshine, in the middle of the rustic Swiss landscape. Exactly here, where time stands still and nature still has its origins, right here they swore eternal love to each other. Pure Swissness, mountain peaks, a glacial lake, colorful wildflowers all in one place - these are the things that make elopements in Switzerland even more priceless!

For Arielle and Ryne it was clear, they wanted to say ‘I Do’ in Switzerland, because they also have Swiss-German ancestors. Thanks to their wedding designers and planners, the ceremony site was already set after their first conversation.

The couple started their big day by getting ready (Arielle in a blush pink Hayley Paige gown) and then sharing a first look at their Swiss chalet. They then took the gondola up to the mountaintop and glacial lake, which was styled out with flowers and candles by us. In the middle of a small clearing that is right on the water, the couple made it official with close friends. They popped champagne and got in a canoe for some stunning portraits in front of the mountains. The actual vows were accompanied by their closest friends, their talented photographer, Unveiled Radiance Photography, and her assistant (who also did a stunning job with Arielle’s hair and makeup), and their unique videographer couple from Cinematic Tide.

While most of the others took the cable car down the mountain, Arielle and Ryne, along with their paparazzi, stayed behind to make the two-hour hike down the mountain. They shared their first dance and really took in the moment. Both could not have asked for a more magical, meaningful ceremony, and it could not have been possible without everyone there to share it with.


A wild but serene place, from where you can only hear the wind blowing through the high peaks, the fir branches, and the laughter of close family and friends. Right here, Melanie and Gabriel swore eternal love to each other.

The two had never thought of having an intimate wedding until the pandemic threw a wrench in their wedding plans abroad. They didn't want to wait until the uncertain situation returned to normal, so with the help of their friends and family, they organized something sweet to bide their time until a bigger fete in the future was possible.

The couple started their big day with getting ready and then sharing a first look in the city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. After the official paperwork was signed and dated, they took cars up to the romantic Gantrisch mountain lake, where friends and family were already eagerly waiting for the bride and groom. We fulfilled Melanie’s wish of a lush and fitting pampas bouquet to carry with her and match the sparkle of her smile and her dress. On the shore of the lake, the couple said ‘Yes’ to forever with personally-written vows, champagne, and songs to seal their union.

The two were accompanied by the talented photographer, Eliano Davide Photography. With his keen eye for detail and an impressive knack for telling a wonderful love story, he made Melanie and Gabriel’s elopement unforgettable. After the ceremony, the two drove back to Bern to a small, one-suite hotel (and old custom house), Zollhaus, on the famous Nydegg Bridge to start their new life together.

Ready to plan your intimate wedding with us?

love, Tamara & Tiziana

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