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Place Settings to Inspire Your Wedding Reception Tables created by Gaea Design

Build with us the most beautiful tablescape!

Once you’ve chosen your venue and made decisions on your ceremony details, it’s all about your reception and wedding dinner.

If you’re planning to host a dinner - a gorgeous tablescape is a must-have on your list.

Everything from unique centerpieces to table runners can enhance the look of your wedding day dinner table. But there’s one other crucial piece that will complete the look: place settings. You can customize your reception table place settings to beautifully match your wedding style, whether you’re opting to keep things simple, going for glam, channeling a boho vibe, or any other aesthetic. There are so many options to include personalized details and make the dining experience that much more special for your guests.

Charming Mountain-Chic Wedding Table

High up in the mountains hides a chalet made of wood. Inside and outside everything is very rustic and authentic Swiss. Our combination followed its own style but at the same time had to fit into the environment. We used different natural colors in the flowers and set contrasts with black for the candlesticks and napkins. The design is characterised by many combinations that you wouldn't normally see - we dared and out came a wealth of shapes, colors and contrasts and yet in the end in deep harmony with each other. Once again an unbeatable design concept.

Go for Glam

When mixing styles for this Catholic and Hindu Wedding, we included all kinds of glamour. Noble materials mixed with contrasts like gold and red. Normally this combination is rather difficult especially in European countries where the colors are often used subtly. To make everything fit in the room we used accents with blush, green mixed floral elements and stone-beige linen tablecloths. Also, the season at the end of November was appropriate to make it a little dreamy Christmas.

It is important to include the environment in the designs

Monochrom, only the essentials are needed

One color, one flower, one entity. White, glass and the orchid dominate this classically chic style to the last detail. The atmosphere is characterised by the warm light of the candles and the white contrast.

Just as you want to feel comfortable at home, your table must be inviting!

Go for Spring Vibes

This combination was created in deep harmony with the surroundings. We always consider the location and what is already there, so that the designs never seem intrusive. A cheerful combination of spring colors and simple elements dominate. A challenge were the statement chairs, which we skill-fully left as a statement, so as to draw the eye to the colorful splendor of the flowers.

Christmas Hints

Easy to see the striking details of a winter wonderland. The most beautiful element on this special day was the lush snow outside in the mountains. Unforgettable charm with the pine cones, fir branches and the red elements and black lanterns with candles everywhere illuminating the room.

Far, far away in another Galaxy

Futuristic and round shapes like when you look high up in our beautiful sky and we don't even know what is actually waiting up there for us. Paired with bright colors and subtle accent of the only flower in this concept: the orchid - in its shape and colorfulness as unique as our galaxy. May the shapes & textures inspire us all to always collaborate in harmony and flow with each other.

Showcase Al Fresco

Everyone knows it, everyone wants it and yes, we do it! Celebrate with us the one and only Al Fresco Style - Open air, garden feel paired with romantic elements. Imagine holding your glass high in the air, looking around, the location is filled with love and everyone is enjoying their time. The energizing laughter of your guests and the brightness of the night make you feel overjoyed. The warm evening air gently blowing through your hair - it is these unforgettable moments and the magic of the south that makes us dream. Enchanted by fairy lights, candles, rustic tables with typical color accents. We had the pleasure of creating many such moments, here are some of them:

Most Elegant Table Setting

Classic colors like blush and green combined with a unique place. Dark chairs and knives, set the accent purposefully and also draw the eye to the steel structure, but only slightly lead directly to the trees behind the square in the middle of the garden, where this beautiful glass house also called orangery.

Come with us on the journey of planning and enjoy this time without stress

One Table endless concepts

With this event we could really live out! From monochrome white to amazon and in the middle of it all the Swiss rustic elements. The eye is led over many different clear concepts and yet they are all connected, just as nature and our whole world could live in harmony, our table stands as a symbol for diversity and that everyone has their right and yet can harmonize with each other because everyone shines around the bet and is unique. It would be nice if we could all consider this in real life in exactly the same way.

Rustic twist with greenery and white

The endless table without tablecloths, without much bling-bling without noise - simple and plain. Yet the fine accents are visible. White, green and wood catch the eye and fit perfectly into the rustic alpine chalet or also called mountain house.

We hope we could inspire you, who still has not enough, is exactly right here:

Much love,

Tamara & Tiziana

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