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But before we dive in... we wanna quick introduce ourselves to you. We’re Tamara & Tiziana, Creative Minds and the Founder’s of T&T CREATIVE STUDIO, which owns GAEA.DESIGN, one of the fastest growing full-service agencies for inbound, destination weddings and elopements in Switzerland. Our number one goal is to help you during every step of your wedding journey and we do this with a team full of heart and spirit! Thanks to our many years of experiences, close contacts in the wedding industry and our unmistakable feeling for shapes and colours, you will benefit from distinctive concepts, personalised planning, in-house florist and graphic designers, all with our professional turnaround.

And now, we know in this unpredicted time, your wedding or your wishes had to be postponed due to the global pandemic! We know that so many of you are faced with tough choices and seeing months of planning turned upside down. We feel with you. It is a crazy time to be alive and our ways of living & celebrating might change for good. But even under difficult circumstances like the ones we are faced with at the moment, there is always a bright side: Switzerland offers us countless options to celebrate as if we were abroad. You don't have to leave; you don't have to be afraid not to get what you have been wishing for since you were a child or have seen on Pinterest all the beautiful pictures from Tuscany, Lake Como, Portugal, Provence or the rough nature of Iceland. Believe us, we know the locations in Switzerland which look like they are abroad.

AND yes, we share with you all these secret locations in Switzerland! We share the regions and the different types of wedding venues but we also want to give you the best overview of the countless possibilities in our diverse country!

Let’s start with our top listed regions for weddings and elopements:


Interested in exploring Switzerland with us?

We reveal the best kept and most beautiful locations in whole Switzerland,

everything to make your dream come true!



Perfect for those who love a wide range of options!

For all those who want to experience a lot in a short time or climb the most famous mountains. This region is one of the most famous and popular areas of our country. The Bernese Oberland is our own home but also that of the most famous mountain range in the world: Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Nearby are also Lauterbrunnen, Mürren or the Schilthorn (007 James Bond), endless waterfalls and the area of Interlaken, which lies between Lakes Thun and Brienz. All the places mentioned can be reached by public transport and the regions are perfectly suited for short hiking tours and therefore also for elopements with a little adventure. Because it is our home, we know many hidden places where you can enjoy breathtaking views and deep blue water.

“JUST YOU AND I. OUR WITNESSES: The majestic mountains. Pure air, pur love. A moment to cherish and remember forever. That’s your wedding or elopement in Switzerland!”

Of course, there are countless beautiful natural places in this region where you can celebrate your wedding or elopement but for all those who prefer to have a roof over their head, surrounded by breathtaking architecture and history, this is also the place to be. There is no other region that combines more Swiss culture and history so centrally.

Enjoy the castles in Thun, Oberhofen, Spiez or enjoy the entire mountain landscape on the lake itself, here everything is possible. Or experience history in Interlaken with grand hotels and high situated mountain inns. Even the option of riding on one of the oldest cable cars while enjoying a spectacular view over Lake Brienz.


LAKE OF LUCERNE (Vierwaldstättersee) & LUCERNE CITY

Imagine yourself being surrounded by an impressive panorama - open your eyes and just enjoy, breathe in and out.

In this region you will find yourself in the middle of the most breathtaking lake scenery with mountains and hills. Whether in the morning, when the dew overflows the shore, at noon when the sun is high in the sky or at sunset when the rays flow over the water, it is unbelievably fascinating. The landscape is characterized by unique and very special locations that are perfect for a larger but also intimate wedding. We know every bay with every unique piece from high-end to casual chic. The panorama is unique everywhere and we can never get enough of it. The locations themselves impress with their professionalism and incredible empathy for their guests.


THE SWISS ROMANDIE (also called the French part of Switzerland)

A region that not only captivates by the many vineyards but also by the uncomplicated and hospitable nature of its inhabitants. It is the French-influenced way of life and the romantically playful scenery in the wine-dominated region (perhaps that's why the inhabitants are so relaxed) that creates this incredible feeling of vacation.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful chateau, a grand hotel or a winery, it's all here, and all of it with an incredible view of the mountains and Lake Geneva and the French border.

Lausanne, Montreux or Yverdon offer countless possibilities to realize your desired French wedding.



For all those who love Italy and its Mediterranean flair and still want or need to stay in Switzerland.

It is easy to confuse Ticino with Italy, because it is the southernmost place in our country with a combination of mountains, hills, lakes and palm trees. Villages made of stone houses, which lead narrow streets like the Italian old towns and which form like an oil painting with their unique colored facades. Due to its geographical location, Ticino gives them a warm Mediterranean breeze from the beginning of spring until late autumn. The shores of Lake Maggiore or Lake Lugano are just the right place for a vacation feeling, just like you imagined your dream wedding on Lake Como or in Tuscany.

With villas directly on the shore or in the high hills above Lake Lugano you will always find the perfect location for your Mediterranean wedding.

Did you ever consider this possibility?
With such a wonderful experience your time until your big event that has been rescheduled feels like it's passing in a blink of an eye. And this is where we accompany you on your adventure. Let us make it unforgettable! To keep your joyful anticipation going and make the time until the big day as short as possible!


For all those who are looking for that special experience.

Many people think that Zurich is the capital, and of course as Bernese citizens we are very happy to defend our real capital BERN here. but we also know that there is no European city in Switzerland that is as modern and cosmopolitan as Zurich. So, it does justice to a capital city. Nevertheless, Berne is and remains one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe (more about Berne below).

Zurich has a charming old town with cobbled streets mixed with innovative and creative places, the city is especially visited and appreciated by young, creative and innovative people. Here you can find everything from Lake Zurich, which flows into the city, into the Limmat, to city feeling. Here also every shopping-heart will find his dream wedding dress from Galia Lahav to Rue du Seine, the most famous fashion brands like Louis Vuitton to Prada and Gucci.



Historical? Cultural? and simply the beauty of an imposing city. It is charming and offers everything you could wish for, from city feeling to nature and history. And it is one of the cities with the most beautiful view of the mountains or historical buildings.

Getting married here is like in the whole of Switzerland itself, it offers countless possibilities from classic grand hotels to urban locations or villas with parks. The old town with its cobblestones offers the ideal photo location or the City River Aare the perfect ambience for the eternal yes. The city has its own mountain, there you can enjoy a breathtaking view with an urban pavilion and excellent dining until the middle of the night where you can see the lights of the city from above.

There are many more regions in Switzerland and hidden places just waiting to be discovered by you. Ask us, we will help you to find your dream location.

love, Tamara & Tiziana

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